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          World EV Day: AA says EV ranges are 'far better than drivers think'

          AA president, Edmund King, says battery electric car ranges 'far better than drivers think' and should not - along with concerns about not being able to reach a charge point - put people off buying them. The motoring group's research has been published on World EV Day, which takes place today. On the day earmarked to celebrate electric vehicles and promote their benefits, we examine the latest reports into what would make them more appealing to drivers...

          Online gambling group 888 has agreed a £2.2billion deal to buy William Hill's European business and its 1,400 UK betting shops in a move that will see it return to British hands.

          Stamp duty 'overhaul' needed now, according to Rics

          The stamp duty land tax system needs a radical overhaul to ensure first-time buyers and workers on lower incomes can get on and move up the housing ladder, experts at?the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors has said. The body representing surveyors has called on the Government to carry out a full-scale review of the tax - the temporary reduction of which has led to huge house price rises in the past year. Critics argue that the stamp duty system is unfair and impinges activity across the housing market. While some believe stamp duty should be scrapped altogether, others believe it should be reduced to help keep the market buoyant.

          One of Boris Johnson's many memorable quips was when he is alleged to have said 'f*** business' at an event for EU diplomats during the height of the Brexit deliberations three years ago.

          Governor Andrew Bailey (pictured) said that all of the central bank's rate-setting Monetary Policy Committee agreed last month that now was not the right time to hike interest rates.

          Boris Johnson yesterday announced a tax raid on workers and investors to finally tackle the care funding crisis. But how will it hit your pocket, and is there anything you can do to soften the blow?

          The Prime Minister and his chancellor Rishi Sunak have announced three major tax rises already in 2021 - two in the Budget in March and another this week to tackle the NHS backlog and fix social care.




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          MARKET REPORT: Shareholders cheer B&M profits surprise

          The chain, which has over 600 stores in the UK selling everything from wallpaper to vacuum cleaners, said that profit margins had been stronger than originally predicted, thanks partially to lower levels of discounting, while sales had remained broadly in line with expectations. As a result, the firm now expects to deliver earnings of between £275m-£285m for the six months to 25 September, higher than the £235m predicted by analysts.

          The supermarket's bosses have asked the Takeover Panel to extend the process until October 18 to allow time for a showdown between Clayton, Dubilier & Rice and rival suitor Fortress.

          The games studio - whose top sellers include Jurassic World Evolution (pictured) - reported revenues of £90.7m for the 12 months to May 31, up £76.1m on the previous year.

          Halfords has become the latest retailer to feel the impact of global supply chain problems as it revealed that its bike sales tumbled over the summer.

          The court case in San Jose, California, is one of the most closely watched in corporate history. Holmes is charged with fraud against patients and investors of her defunct medical tech company.

          Documents yesterday showed Advent, which makes highly sensitive kit for the F-35 fighter jet (pictured). and the British defence group plan to pay around £137million in fees to big City firms

          ASK TONY: BT called in the debt collectors when I found a cheaper deal

          I moved from BT to Expert Telecom and was assured by Expert they would deal with all legal and transfer matters. I have since had a letter from Moorcroft debt agency saying I owe BT £1,148.46 because I was in breach of contract. Apparently the information about a contract which I didn't even realise I was on came by e-mail. I didn't open this email as I was waiting for a cataract operation and couldn't see properly.

          Savers looking to maximise their returns may be tempted in by an app offering a 'best buy' easy-access rate, but the devil is in the detail.

          We take a look at 10 different homes for sale around the country that each have a price tag of £260k, ranging from a studio flat in London to a four-bedroom detached house in Scotland.

          The new electric vehicles debuted at the Munich motor show in 2021

          This week's Munich motor show - or 'Mobility' show as it has officially been dubbed - has been a showcase of what electric cars of the very near future are set to look like. And despite a common misconception, the selection of unveilings in Germany this week suggest they will be as diverse - if not more so - than motors on the road today. Here is a full rundown of the best and most important electric cars launched in Munich this week. In our list is the teeny City Transformer (top left) that can shrink in size, Mercedes-Maybach's luxurious jacked-up EQS SUV limo (top right), Renault's all new electric Megane family car (bottom left) and Hyundai's Prophecy Concept (bottom right) that signals the design of its high-performance EV due in 2022.

          Pay and dismay:?Scammer stole over £300 in just 20 minutes

          When a well-dressed man came to the assistance of RAY BRADBURY and wife Plum after the payment machine they were trying to use refused their card, they assumed he was a friendly local resident or a parking machine engineer who worked for the council. The helpful stranger took them to an alternative payment machine just down the road, but it swallowed their card.

          Nearly three quarters of fraud refund complaints are now won by customers. Pensioner John Wardle (pictured) was concussed after a fall when fraudsters targeted him posing as his bank.

          Bank accounts are normally shut or blocked on money-laundering or fraud grounds when a large or suspicious payment has triggered a bank's security systems.

          Triple lock state pension rise cut: What it means for you

          The earnings element of the state pension triple lock will be abandoned for a year, meaning that increases in the state pension will not be dependent on wage rises. The double lock this year will be the higher of September's CPI inflation or 2.5 per cent. This means April's 2022 pension increase is likely to be whatever the September inflation rate is, as this is expected to be 3 to 3.5 per cent. How much have pensioners lost out, what were the other options, and have they dodged a worse outcome for future state pension rises? We explain.

          Nearly two-thirds (64 per cent) of millennials and Generation Z who have owned cryptocurrencies like bitcoin or so-called 'meme stocks' have now sold some or all of them, new research suggests.

          The Indian stock market index, is up by 21 per cent since January - more than double the FTSE. The IMF predicts India will be the fastest-growing large economy over the next two years.

          No job... but still lured into debt by 'buy now, pay later' schemes

          One in ten shoppers who used 'buy now, pay later' services is unemployed and dependent on benefits and only half of those who used checkout lending services were full-time employees, our survey found. The sector has continued to grow at a galloping pace since ministers pledged to regulate it. Klarna has more than 15 million UK customers and more than 250,000 retailers on its books.

          Isas protect savers from paying income tax on interest earned. But for the first time since cash Isas were launched in 1999, you are no better off in a fixed rate Isa than an ordinary taxable account.

          Three years have now passed since we launched our campaign to Stop the Bank Scammers. Yet sadly in 2021 fraud cases are higher than ever and banks are still wriggling out of paying.

          Blonde Gone Rogue: Can this ethical brand become a household name?

          Sisters Gergana and Deni Damyanova launched Blonde Gone Rogue in 2017 as a sustainable alternative to the growing fast fashion industry. The brand uses leftover fabric - also known as deadstock - to create its collections and was certified as a B Corp this year.

          Bidding battle for Morrisons goes to auction takeover showdown

          Morrisons has confirmed it is in discussions with its Takeover Panel to launch an auction process for the supermarket chain. Top brass at the supermarket hope the process will bring to an end the three-month battle for the business between two private equity firms, Clayton Dubilier & Rice and Fortress. Morrisons said that, on the basis that neither bidder has declared their offer final, 'such that either offer may be further increased or otherwise revised, a competitive situation continues to exist.'

          Sorrell, 76, (pictured) was renowned for his deal making at WPP, which became the world's largest advertising agency. He has done the same at S4, which has a market cap of £4.6bn.

          With their basket of tax rises, Boris Johnson and his Treasury team have shown they haven't a clue about the risks involved in running a business or, sadly, running a country.

          The Partnership, led by Dame Sharon White (pictured), will extend its Anyday line of homeware and technology products to offer 700 products in menswear, womenswear and children's clothing.

          The group, which did not pay dividends in 2020, revealed it will dish out a special dividend to investors of 65p a share, in addition to the full-year dividend of 35p per share.

          Are you a mover, a flipper or a forever-homeowner? TiM podcast

          Among its many surprises, the coronavirus pandemic has delivered a property boom. In pretty much the exact opposite scenario to that almost all experts predicted, the property market has hit fever pitch over the past year and a bit, with more people moving and house prices soaring. We take a look at the property tribes and how they are driving the market - from those who love to move, to those chasing a quick buck, and those whose sole desire is to find the perfect place to stay put.

          How will my NHS pension be affected if I trigger the MPAA?

          I have a small private pension of £38,000 which I want to cash in. I am presently paying in to my NHS pension at least for another three years. I have both a 1995 and 2015 NHS pension. If I cash in my private pension does this mean that it will affect how much I will get from my NHS pension when I retire due to the MPAA?

          Around 46 per cent of people approach retirement with not enough savings for a rainy day, according to a survey of 10,030 UK adults carried out in June.

          How hard does your bank account work for you? Here's our pick of the best accounts to make your money work harder, cut down on fees, or get free stuff.

          Volkswagen unveils the dinky ID.Life - its compact electric car for 2025

          The ID. Life concept is a teaser for the ID.1 or ID.2 compact crossover model set to sit below the already-on-sale ID.3 hatchback from 2025 and will provide up to 248 miles of range on a full charge. Bosses said it will cost as little as?€20,000 when it hits showrooms in four years' time, which is around £17,000 in the UK. That's around £3,000 less than the current smallest VW Crossover - the T-Cross - and also cheaper than the Polo supermini, which starts from £17,300. The concept vehicle shown this week has a design that's centred around young people and communal experiences. It?can be used as a mini cinema or a gaming centre with a retractable projection screen that can be used when the car is parked up. Other scatterings of tech include side cameras instead of door mirrors, a nine-inch display and door pockets with integrated wireless charging function for smartphones.

          Purchased by the vendor over 20 years ago, it was last driven in 2008 before being dismantled for a full restoration job. However, that was never completed, leaving the car stripped in pieces as it remains today.

          While this is only a concept for now, BMW says it intends to make all cars fully recyclable within 20 years. Currently, BMWs are manufactured using nearly 30% reused material on average.

          Dacia Jogger to become the UK's most affordable seven-seat car costing around £13k

          Starting from around £12,900 in the UK, it will cost less than half as much as a Skoda Kodiaq, which is one of the cheapest seven-seaters on the market today. It will also become the first Dacia to offer hybrid technology, though not until 2023. Bosses say the new model will blend 'estate car practicality, MPV spaciousness and SUV styling'. Here's what you need to know about the all new Jogger, which can be ordered from November.

          Which home on Zoopla would you choose in the £1million property battle?

          We have picked two very different homes for sale - one is a flat in London's affluent Knightsbridge with one bedroom and a substantial service charge of £7,000 a year (pictured on the left) and the other is a Georgian family home in a Nottinghamshire village with half an acre of garden which is on the market for the first time in more than 50 years (pictured on the right) - but which would you choose if you had £1million to spend on your next property?

          There has been a boom in staycations (Jonathan Brady/PA)

          There are now 67,578 homes in England classified as holiday homes which have been flipped to become commercial premises - some 11,476 more than in March last year.

          I work in a pub part-time alongside my main job, and also freelance as a web designer. Should I tell the bank about my extra income, or could it make me look unreliable?

          Former cricketer Matthew Hoggard talks to ME & MY MONEY

          Former cricketer Matthew Hoggard has struggled to make ends meet since pandemic lockdowns destroyed his income. Hoggard, who helped England beat Australia in 2005, opened a barbecue cookery school, Hoggy's Grill, last year. The 44-year-old told Donna Ferguson that takings from the school dried up - along with money he usually makes from corporate entertainment and after-dinner speaking. He lives in Leicestershire with wife Sarah, 43, and son Ernie, 14.

          Your shares have tumbled: So do you sell - or buy even more?

          Selling at a loss means admitting you made a mistake, which is difficult at the best of times - not least when you have money riding on it. And investors are often haunted by the fear that an asset they owned will recover in value as soon as they sell, leaving them racked with regret. Markets plunged in March last year as nervous investors sold out due to fears over the impact of the global pandemic. Now 18 months later, the value of the UK's top 250 listed companies is hitting record highs this week. Investors who sold out when markets were in freefall would have missed out on an epic recovery. So how do you decide the right time to sell?

          Transitioning to clean energy is going to take money. So it's perhaps no wonder that co-manager, Jonathan Waghorn, believes there are opportunities for investors in the energy transition.

          With more than 1,300 companies trading on the London Stock Exchange alone, the experts considered factors such as potential growth, income and track record - and then revealed their choice.

          Savers finally being rewarded with higher interest rates...if they lock in for a year

          Online bank DF Capital has launched a one-year bond offering 1.45 per cent, for savers with more than £1,000 to put away. This time last year the best paying one-year bond was from Paragon Bank at 1.2 per cent. But if you are willing to tuck your money away for even longer there are better offers to consider. Islamic bank QIB (UK) is offering a three-year bond that pays 1.77 per cent. Savers willing to leave at?least £1,000 untouched for four years could get 1.81 per cent with lender Zopa.

          Running an events company during lockdown was hard enough for Celia Gaze. But the current shortage of HGV drivers means that crucial products are not available at her usual suppliers.

          From student railcards to second-hand books, students reveal their top tips for managing their money and keeping the cost of studying in check.

          State pension chaos causes stress and hardship for people?turning 66

          A string of readers have contacted us to report unexplained delays, frustrating waits and being cut off on the phone, and staff repeatedly asking for the same information. Some say they are suffering stress and financial difficulties as they bombard the Department for Work and Pensions with calls to resolve payment problems after they hit state pension age.

          Jason Highet's plan is to offer families all their future child benefit payments in one go - at a price. In return for the cash up-front, parents will then transfer their right to future benefit payments to CCB.

          Amazon customers in the UK may soon be able to?split the cost of their purchases into smaller monthly payments as it launches the service to some in the US.

          RAY MASSEY: Toyota beefs up award-winning Yaris

          I road-tested the new Yaris Cross, a jacked-up version of the Yaris super-mini, currently European Car of the Year. Priced from £22,515 for the entry level Icon trim-level, the Cross derivative is impressive, too, great for cruising around town and country. The car I drove on a return trip to the South?Coast was the fully-stocked Premiere Edition with front-wheel drive costing £28,185. The top-range all-wheel drive version is £30,545. But its biggest seller is expected to be the mid-spec Design trim from £24,140.

          Standard unleaded?petrol is changing to E10 this month, which contains ten per cent ethanol. The previous mix contained five per cent. More than 600,000 cars?may not be compatible.

          Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan or Daniel Craig aside, the other undoubted stars of the 007 movies are the cars. Always have been. And, hopefully, always will be.

          Part 3 of MR MONEY MAKER's guide to building a long-term savings portfolio

          First we go back to our balance sheet. What assets do you and your family already own? Quite likely this will include property but also a pension which will have a blend of asset classes in it. Then most of us will have a muddle of other stuff, including deposit accounts, premium bonds and maybe the odd gold coin left by your favourite auntie. Time then for some proper housekeeping and take an inventory of your assets. You will have already laid out a plan for how much you are going to need in the future. Thus you will know the target number you need to achieve by a certain date. Next week we can start selecting what blend of asset classes you are going to need to achieve that goal.

          How much money do I need to save for my pension?

          The amount you can save into a pension ultimately depends on what you can afford - but the longer you leave it the more you will need to save. We tend to put ambitious targets on our hoped-for income in retirement and then underestimate how much we will need to set aside to achieve that. So how much should you save?

          We pick our five favourite cash Isas for savers. This is essential Isa reading and is kept up-to-date throughout the year

          Choosing the right DIY platform is crucial but a wealth of choice and changes to charges have left many investors scratching their heads. We pick some of the best.

          Best mortgage rates: Compare fixed rate and tracker rate mortgage deals

          The average mortgage rate is edging down, as lenders bring back their full range of products and launch tantalising deals with interest of less than 1 per cent for those with lots of equity. However, the situation is slowly improving for those at the other end of the scale, too, as five and 10 per cent deposit mortgages return.

          Ten tips for buy-to-let: Essential advice for property investment

          Buy-to-let is much tougher than it once was. But for many Britons the idea of investing in property still appeals, as they trust bricks and mortar and may feel that they can add value to a property. Read our top ten buy-to-let tips

          Premium Bonds Winners

          Prize Area Value of bond
          £1,000,000 Shropshire £5,000
          £1,000,000 Bristol £5,000
          £100,000 Cheshire West and Chester £10,000
          £100,000 Dorset £15,000
          £100,000 Essex £37,500
          £100,000 Derbyshire £25,000
          £100,000 Shropshire £30,000
          £50,000 Hertfordshire £43,000
          More September 2021 winners
          View list of September 2021 winners


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